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The Visual and Written Chronicles of Phillip.

Who Be He?
They call him Phillip Retuta. He calls himself a visual & interactive designer, motion graphics artist, and illustrator -- an all-around artist. He's 29 years old, from Chicago, living in NYC, and has a lovely husky-lab mix named Nico. Currently employed as Senior Designer at a digital and social media firm.

What's All This Then?
Well, it's a fairly random tumblog of current and upcoming art endevours, photographs, comic sketches, creative philosophies, inspirations, and generally incomplete art projects.

So yeah, it's like a sketchbook.

Demo Reel 2012-2013

My Stuff
Graphic Novel


Nico at the DuPage County Forest Preserve.

Nico at the DuPage County Forest Preserve.

Deconstruction films are defined as films that take apart their respective genres, forcing the audience to not only question why we are watching it, but also the particular filmmaking techniques and tropes.

Films focused on satire are often also referred to as “parody”. They usually pay homage to the work that came before, imitating them in more comedic forms.

(Source: slashfilms)


concrete, white and vintage tiles…

7×18 House by AHL architects associates


Microwhat (on Tumblr) - Before and After pictures of microwaving everything. 

  1. Marshmallows
  2. Gummy Bears
  3. Mascara
  4. Soap
  5. Roses
  6. Candy Hearts
  7. Markers
Happy St. Paw-Trick’s Day!

Happy St. Paw-Trick’s Day!