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The Visual and Written Chronicles of Phillip.

Who Be He?
They call him Phillip Retuta. He calls himself a visual & interactive designer, motion graphics artist, and illustrator -- an all-around artist. He's 29 years old, from Chicago, living in NYC, and has a lovely husky-lab mix named Nico. Currently employed as Senior Designer at a digital and social media firm.

What's All This Then?
Well, it's a fairly random tumblog of current and upcoming art endevours, photographs, comic sketches, creative philosophies, inspirations, and generally incomplete art projects.

So yeah, it's like a sketchbook.

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PJ Harvey - You Said Something.

"On a rooftop on Brooklyn, 1 in the morning. Watching the lights flash in Manhattan."

From Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea, this song reminds me why I moved to New York. NYC or otherwise, this song embodies the magic of living in a metropolitan city. Be grateful if you are; it’s likely you’ve pursued a dream or goal bigger than yourself.