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Who Be He?
They call him Phillip Retuta. He calls himself a visual & interactive designer, motion graphics artist, and illustrator -- an all-around artist. He's 29 years old, from Chicago, living in NYC, and has a lovely husky-lab mix named Nico. Currently employed as Senior Designer at a digital and social media firm.

What's All This Then?
Well, it's a fairly random tumblog of current and upcoming art endevours, photographs, comic sketches, creative philosophies, inspirations, and generally incomplete art projects.

So yeah, it's like a sketchbook.

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DIY Balanced Living.

I got rid of/donated/gave away a lot of stuff, rearranged furniture in both my room and my apartment, and added shelves to my bedroom (when living in NYC, space is a hard commodity to find). I also bought a long, 78-inch Ikea tabletop to replace my clunky desk, so now I have a dual work space for my computers and drawings.

And let’s not forget a new dog bed for my huskador, Nico.

Essentially, with the new year and my current health, I felt I needed change. This total revamp of my living situation feels like a total cleanse (#keepingitreal2013) of my life — I’m like a phoenix of sorts. Let me tell ya, I feel good.

All in all, I spent maybe about $200 in new furniture/building materials. Old or new, here’s a list of the stuff featured in these photos:

  1. Large Brown & Tan Orthopedic Lounger Dog Bed ($69.99 in store, Petco)
  2. White Vika Amon 78-inch table top ($45.00, Ikea)
  3. Fartech Flip Clock in orange ($108.00, Homeloo)
  4. The Art of Storage Leonardo Bike Wall Mount ($40.00, Home Depot)
  5. Limited edition Steve Rude X-Men lithograph ($60.00, St. Marks Comics)
  6. 4’x10” wood planks (x6) and 8”x10” shelf brackets (x18) ($60.00, Lowes & Home Depot).
  7. Polaroid Film, Polaroid Cameras, Polaroid Land Camera Printer (eBay, The Impossible Project: NYC/SoHo location, thrift stores)

My roommates and I decided to cover the entire wall (and pretty much the entire apartment) with art — though I admit, a good number of the pictures are mine. Here are photos of our living room wall. Notice the the designy/pagan nature of it all.

There are a few smaller frames that are empty, so maybe I can draw/design you something in exchange for your own work.