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The Visual and Written Chronicles of Phillip.

Who Be He?
They call him Phillip Retuta. He calls himself a visual & interactive designer, motion graphics artist, and illustrator -- an all-around artist. He's 29 years old, from Chicago, living in NYC, and has a lovely husky-lab mix named Nico. Currently employed as Senior Designer at a digital and social media firm.

What's All This Then?
Well, it's a fairly random tumblog of current and upcoming art endevours, photographs, comic sketches, creative philosophies, inspirations, and generally incomplete art projects.

So yeah, it's like a sketchbook.

Demo Reel 2012-2013

My Stuff
Graphic Novel


Phillip Retuta’s 2012 Video Reel.

A collection of Motion Graphics, Video Editing, and Design work from the past three years. You can find most of the videos, in full length, here:

Music is Wise Blood’s “Nosferatu.”

0:11-0:26: LVMH x Parsons
0:27-0:28: When Pigs Fly
0:29-0:36: Nigel & Randy Across America
0:37-0:43: The Voice Data Viz Animation
0:44-0:48: Cainkade Title Card
0:49-0:53: EdLab Seminars Intro
0:54-0:57: Gaming the System
0:58-1:02: Vialogues Title Card
1:03-1:14: Parsons Trading Card Teasers
1:15-1:20: Wasted Daylight
1:21-1:31: New York: Year One
1:32-1:51: Big Love
1:52-2:06: Rock N’ Roll Forever Foundation
2:07-2:22: Strage Prize 2011
2:23-2:30: Anthems for a Seventeen-Year-Old Girl
2:31-2:41: Birthday Celebration

"Subway Parasite" by Frédéric Eyl, for a Digital Media course at the University of the Arts in Berlin.

It’s such an interesting concept. Too bad you can’t get away with this in NYC without getting arrested. “If you see something, say something.”